Greetings from the Tundra!

As Braemar starts to awake from hiding from the madness outside – the river remains the same and the grannie pines are looking ever, we are grateful to live is such a beautiful part of the world.

Over lockdown the artists have been busy reorganising and getting inspired by a new enforced slowness and stepping down of gears. Many have turned their gaze to nature and found great inspiration in the passing of the seasons, the night sky, trees in winter, the certain light you get on a April afternoon just after it rains…. Good is often in the detail.

We have new works by:

Moe Rocksmoore

and great new watercolours by Jane Askey:

Current Open Hours are:

Thursday 11AM – 4.30PM

Friday 11AM – 4.30PM

Saturday 11AM – 4.30PM

Sunday 11AM – 4.30PM

However if you call ahead we can hatch a plan to meet up out with these hours…

Peace and Love and Good Happiness Stuff….Andrew and Kirsty

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