The Head Technician at Braemar Gallery AKA Andrew Braidwood selling Scottish Art in the Heart of Royal Deeside since 2000AD.

New Jim Wylie paintings arriving on Sunday morning

Some fabulous new Jim Wylie paintings are packed up and currently abroad the Tundra Express. These new works on canvas will be arriving at the Gallery on Sunday morning. I always get very excited when the new work arrives – over the 20 years of dealing with Jim, I’ve come to marvel at his highly personal sense of composition, his unique colour palette and what’s more, the obvious care and attention he takes in the application of the paint. These are wonderfully considered and developed paintings. We are very lucky to have him on board the good ship Braemar.

Stardate: 11082020: All across the bloomin’ Heather.

What a day to do the Birkwood circular walk! If you ever need to get all smoothed out inside I heartily recommend the Birkwoods – you can sit silently and observe the deer, the finches and buntings, toads in the wet ground, the light which seems specific to the area – as its breaks through the twisted birch branches and the weather moving slowly over the mighty Cairngorm mountains. It really gives me a sense of scale and peace.

Greetings from the tundra – we have had a visit from one of our very favourite people: Stuart Buchanan. Stuart has just dropped off some gorgeous new works in oil – sometimes on wood, sometimes on canvas and sometimes on old paint tubes!! I have been working with Stuart from my first day at the gallery and my appreciation and respect for his work has only grown over that time….these have to be viewed in the flesh to be fully appreciated.

Ken Ferguson has just dropped off new work to the Gallery this morning!

These are some of the most intricate and beautiful paintings he has produced to date. During the lockdown period Ken has really focused on his technique, which I for one thought hard to improve upon.

He has produced a series of wonderful winter birchwood images, a “Lochnagar from the Ladder” and a stunning “Lochnagar twilight”, which really capture the feeling of being out there on a winters evening.

Sizes and Prices will shortly appear on the Website Shop Page…stay tuned.

Stardate 27072020

Those of you who already follow us on Facebook and Instagram might already be up to speed with the “tundra journal”. I started recording my dog walks and wanderings 20 years ago – its just a habit now. This logging of photographs has proved very popular with folk who love all things Braemar. I will continue to post here from time to time for those that are interested. Let me know if you have any favourite places and I shall try to photograph them.

Its great to be back in the tundra…

Mrs Braemar Gallery and the Head Technician are busy arranging some new artists to show with Braemar Gallery – some very exiting things in the pipeline.

Regular Artist and friend of the gallery Ken Ferguson has been very busy working on new Nordic scenes and forest imagery soon to grace our walls.