The Head Technician at Braemar Gallery AKA Andrew Braidwood selling Scottish Art in the Heart of Royal Deeside since 2000AD.

Stardate 27072020

Those of you who already follow us on Facebook and Instagram might already be up to speed with the “tundra journal”. I started recording my dog walks and wanderings 20 years ago – its just a habit now. This logging of photographs has proved very popular with folk who love all things Braemar. I will continue to post here from time to time for those that are interested. Let me know if you have any favourite places and I shall try to photograph them.

Its great to be back in the tundra…

Mrs Braemar Gallery and the Head Technician are busy arranging some new artists to show with Braemar Gallery – some very exiting things in the pipeline.

Regular Artist and friend of the gallery Ken Ferguson has been very busy working on new Nordic scenes and forest imagery soon to grace our walls.

The Head Technician has been promising a new website for years and years…

Well – as if to keep up with the Hep Cats and Cool Kids – here it is!

Now we will be able to keep you right up to date with all things Braemar Gallery, Events and shows, our plans for the future and of course the now legendary “Tundra Journal”

We hope you all “like” and “subscribe” and look forward to keeping you informed in our own inimitable manner.


“Some Days will stay a hundred years

– some pass like the flash of a spark

Who knows where all our days go….”

Stuart Adamson (East of Eden)

Earlier this year we were super excited to be heading into our twentieth year in Braemar (29 years of Braemar Gallery – but 20 Years under my watch).

We had renovated the gallery over the wonderful winter season and had our good pal Craig at Crooked Shed make us bespoke till points and wrapping area. We re-configured the lay out of the gallery and had the brilliant Richard Tait Joinery help us out there! Heck! We even put in heaters!!! I must be going soft in my old age!

Then things got weird and we all had to stay inside –

Now we find ourself making the first moves back to some sense of normality – and this website is part of that new direction….