Finally the snows and melting and the winds are beginning to sing. The swifts and swallows are back and the Martin has taken the wing!

We have lots planned for the coming season – with new works from Ashley Cook based on the local flora and fauna.

We will also be collaborating with Peacock Visual Fine Arts (Peacock Printmakers) on a “Peacocks at Braemar” show. Im looking forward to this as I have such great admiration for what they do.

These will happen along side out usual artists and some new faces too!

Hope to see y’all over the summer!

Andrew and Kirsty (Team Tundra)

As Braemar starts to awake from hiding from the madness outside – the river remains the same and the grannie pines are looking ever, we are grateful to live is such a beautiful part of the world.

Over lockdown the artists have been busy reorganising and getting inspired by a new enforced slowness and stepping down of gears. Many have turned their gaze to nature and found great inspiration in the passing of the seasons, the night sky, trees in winter, the certain light you get on a April afternoon just after it rains…. Good is often in the detail.

We have new works by:

Moe Rocksmoore

and great new watercolours by Jane Askey:

Current Open Hours are:

Thursday 11AM – 4.30PM

Friday 11AM – 4.30PM

Saturday 11AM – 4.30PM

Sunday 11AM – 4.30PM

However if you call ahead we can hatch a plan to meet up out with these hours…

Peace and Love and Good Happiness Stuff….Andrew and Kirsty

We are really excited to be opening again this Thursday 29th April.

Its great to be back doing what we do – curating exhibitions and finding out what all of our lovely artists have been up to with their time.

This week we have taken delivery of many, many wonderful new works – with more to follow over the weeks as the world gets back on its feet.

Just a wee taster for you:

Ken Ferguson: Landscape Painter, has been meditating on the glorious winter trees and effects of winter light on snow. This new direction has led him further away from the hills and deeper into the forests. Difficult to imagine how long these watercolours would take to resolve.

Garry Harper has just visited the gallery with a brace of brand new canvases. Garry has been continuing his fascination with nostalgic imagery in his figurative painting and has also produced many exciting game bird images. His use of textures and gold leaf really has to be seen in the flesh.

Susan Wilmot has been very busy in the studio producing stunning impasto still life and landscape works. We are currently busy hanging these in the gallery.

I am very excited to have Jonathan Shearer join us this year. I have been a big fan of his “en plein air” approach and his commitment to going out – whatever the weather and painting in the landscape. Jonathan often works swiftly and can capture the fleeting moments and light in an incredibly masterful way.

If you are familiar with the gallery – you will know Jim Wylie’s work – always colourful, accurate and well executed oils on canvas. Jim will be exhibiting several canvases with us this spring/summer. These will arrive in the beginning of May.

All these paintings and many more will be available from the gallery from Thursday.

We are slowly coming out of our caves and blinking in the fresh Springtime sunshine.

The picture attached shows the opening times to begin with – anyone can call or email and arrange a time out side these times and we will do our best to accommodate.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support and custom over the first 21 years in the tundra.

We hope to see y’all real soon.

Andrew and Kirsty

We wanted to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who has supported us over the last twenty years of Braemar Gallery.

We were all ready to have some 20th celebrations this year – however it will be a great 21st Birthday party next year instead.

We will be open 23rd and 24th December 10:30 – 4:30 After that we will see what we are advised to do – so stay posted.

In the mean time – Hunker Down and have a lovely Christmas

Andrew and Kirsty

New arrivals in the tundra.

We are super proud and very excited to be representing our good friend Ashley Cook in the gallery this morning. Astonishing new works have just touched down in the gallery – the head technician will be preparing them for display ASAP – but in the meantime: here is a wee preview.