John Davie


I’ve been painting, mainly in watercolour, for over twenty-five years, in an effort to get away from the rigid discipline of architectural draughtsmanship. I am now retired and living in a small village in North East Fife, close to the coast and the East Neuk fishing villages which have always inspired me. I’m a member of the North Fife Open Studios group of artists and exhibit in a number of galleries. I am a member of the Scottish Society of Architect Artists. The way in which I work now has arisen as the result of eliminating techniques which did not work for me in the past. Constant sketching, I find, goes a long way to improving one’s work. Although I sketch outside, my more successful paintings are done under the controlled conditions of my garden studio, with easy access to a hairdryer! I work mainly in watercolour, but enjoy producing graphite and charcoal drawings and sketches. Occasionally I paint in oils when I feel like doing something different.