Susan Wilmot

Susan Wilmot fell under the spell of an inspirational art teacher at school and has been painting ever since. She has an Art History masters degree from Edinburgh University and after a couple of years living in Argentina she settled in North Yorkshire where she raises her family and paints.

“My work may appear to be diverse in both style and subject matter, but underlieing all my paintings is a consistent approach to composition and colour.

I love to take the local landscapes of North Yorkshire, Teesside and more domestic settings as my starting points. But I also use the intimacy of my studio and home to create still lives.

If a subject is used as a starting point rather than something to which you are dictated to and bound to imitate, your painting can become freer. From my subject I extract the elements which most appeal and then add my own personal interpretation.

A pleasing composition, varied use of texture and brushstroke, combinations of colours is of far greater importance than the reality of my subject matter.

My history of art background gave me the opportunity to observe how the masters exploited these qualities and I find that in moments of uncertainty or lack of inspiration it always helps to look beyond the studio.”